Project: Completionist Run

In which I join millions of hopeful souls

You guessed it: I’m going to join next year’s resolution fad. And because I’ve been doing this resolution thing far more often than I’d like to admit I’m going to use a power tool: Alex Vermeer’s 8760 Hours guide.

Fig. 1: My almost-done review of 2016

Here’s what I’m going to do. Every single day of next year, I have to:

  1. Build and complete a game interaction or mechanic.
  2. Commit it to this repository.
  3. Write a post about it here.

The thing doesn’t have to be shiny. I don’t even have to build it for VR. Whatever I complete, I only have my shame to stand for. But I have to finish something every day no matter what, lest I fall short of the great mountain ahead.


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