Completionist run: 013/365

Fig. 1: Link to source

What I want to do today

Today’s game mechanic came to me in a dream. Shame it already exists.

Core mechanic

RTS-like grid

How to implement it

  1. [20 minutes] Implement a lattice whose points snap to the nearest node. Think Voronoi diagrams but more Cartesian and regular. Include methods for navigating said lattice (e.g., Move(direction dir), GetNearestNode(Vector3 position)).
  2. [5 minutes] Write a script that instantiates a prefab upon click. Make it instantiate the prefab at the nearest node.
  3. [15 minutes] Modify (2) so that you can see where the prefab will be instantiated.
  4. [40 minutes] Implement A* on lattice. If needed, modify (1) so that nodes can have weights.

ETC: 1h 20 m

Potential Difficulties

The lattice script might nerd-snipe me.

What I was able to do


  1. [20 m] Done.
  2. [11 m] Technically done.
  3. [5 m] Failed (due to (2) failing).
  4. [? m] Gave up

Discrepancy: ∞ minutes



Final thoughts

About game design

Can statefulness ever be eliminated1?

About me

I give up too quickly. Quite frankly, I have to be somewhere after this session so I think that was a huge factor in my failure.

What I might do tomorrow

Actually do this thing.


  1. Unity3D’s Transform component cannot be instantiated, only mutated (Though a quick new GameObject().transform does the trick, it isn’t as satisfying.) 

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