Completionist run: 015/365

Fig. Link to where the source would be if intellectual property laws ceased to exist

What I want to do today

Let’s finish that grid-snap thing I failed making on Day 013 and put it in VR.

Core mechanic


How to implement it

  1. [10 minutes] Write a script that snaps the position of an object to modulo a snapping value. Make snapping toggleable.
  2. [30 minutes] Rewrite the Duplicate tool so that it shows a snapped output region.
  3. [optional] Make a playable build.

ETC: 40 minutes

Potential Difficulties

The output region may snap but the output may not. Also, snapping may interfere with grabbing and physics.

What I was able to do


  1. [? m] Done.
  2. [24 m] Failed.

Discrepancy: ? minutes


Snapping DID interfere with Rigidbody so I wasn’t able to rewrite Duplicate.

Final thoughts

What I might do tomorrow

I have got to get this working.


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