Here you will find strange runes I use throughout my writings, arranged alphabetically.

Edifice theory
the conception of the entirety of one’s life’s work as a tower
Hall of Horrors series
in which I complain and rant about other people’s (mostly software engineering) work
Institute X
my department in University X
Pen Exercise series
writing exercises under constraints
Review series
a critique, a summary, and an extension all-in-one; if I take someone’s edifice I have to add something new to it
Spelunking series
in-depth explorations of topics, similar to Scott Alexander’s Much More Than You Wanted to Know series
Things I don’t understand series
where I try to develop my own mental models of things; the membership criterion is whether or not it’s developed enough to become a viable theory in itself
University X
where I went to college
Organisation X
the first student organisation I joined in University X; notable for being the oldest academic organisation in said university (and hence, for having arbitrarily long-standing traditions)
Voices in my head series
my compositions on various embed-friendly hosting sites